1. I posted this under general also but I really need some help here.

    Ok, not totally a nurse question but this board is my best source for knowledgeable medical people. I provide remote medical coverage in an industrial setting where a large portion of my potential pt's have HUGE cardiac risk factors. The soonest I can get help here is an hour and a half (a CC Medevac). The only Nitrate I have is SL Nitro spray. I think I need something a little longer acting, specifically Nitro Paste. Right now a NTG GTT is not an option. I need amunition to convince my med control Doc that this is really something I need. Any articles, referances or info will be appreciated, thanx
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Actually, if your concern is that the pt might be having an MI or unstable angina and is having active chest pain - I would continue the SL NTG while BP is stable. If however, pt is painfree then NTG paste is fine. Do you give 324mg baby ASA, oxygen, monitor, EKG?