Haldol IV??

  1. Can you give Haldol IV??
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    You bet you can!

    Works great too!
  4. by   caroladybelle
    In a word - yes
  5. by   Chiaramonte
    Yes but have never given it as such myself...have always given it IM since they don't always have an IV site.
  6. by   BrandyBSN
    you bet! One of our doc cocktail of choice in 5mg IVP, 5mg IM... they stay calm for quite a while

    (please note, we generally only use this is the patient is a danger to others)

  7. by   TaraER-RN
    In our ER we can only give it IM, even though in the drug books it is safe IV....haven't yet been able to get a straight answer on why we can't give it IV...HMMM
  8. by   jeannet83
    Love Haldol IV!! (Well, not me personally!:chuckle )
    We use it alot for agitated patients, mostly those requiring restraints.

  9. by   Teresa S.

    This question of Haldol IV just came up in our ER last night. I am new to the ER, but the Haldol we have says IM ONLY.. The drug book says only Haloperinal lactate (spelling may be off) is to be given IV....otherwise it is to be IM......so what about that??? Because of course they do give it IV alot! But I would not....in court - it goes with the Manufacturers instructions.

    This is from website for IV drugs http://www.globalrph.com/dilhi.htm

    Drug Standard Dilution Infusion Rate Diluents*
    HALOPERIDOL LACTATE (HALDOL) 0 to 50 mg/ 50 ml
    51 to 100 mg/ 100 ml
    200 mg/ 160 ml (1 mg/ml)
    (may dilute all doses to 1 mg/ml) As directed D5W

    EXP: 7 DAYS (RT) Label: Do not Refrigerate. Haldol may be given IV push. Max IV rate (usual): 5 mg/min. Oral to IV conversion (approximate): oral dose x 0.625 = daily IV dose. Continuous infusion: Doses of 3 to 25 mg/hr (72 to 600mg/day) have been studied in critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Continuous infusions have also been used to treat severely agitated critically ill patients: Start 10 mg/hr, adjust as necessary to provide relief from agitation in increments of 5 mg/hr.
  11. by   canoehead
    I called a pharmacy about this once. They said that there are two versions, the lactate and the deconate of Haldol and only one could ba given IV, however both versions tend to say "for IM use only" BUT the haloperidol deconate that could not be given IV would be labelled with the full name of the Haldol, not just the trade name.

    Terrible labelling policy, but IV haldol is more likely to cause side effects so they prefer it be given IM. Anyway, that is the pharmacists version.
  12. by   FlyingED
    Bring back the days of Inapsine. Haldol takes to long to work regardless of route.

    Unfortunately people are too scared to order/give inapsine since it has been linked to Torsades.
  14. by   ellencrn
    ahhh, inapsine. one of the drugs that had to have been invented by an nurse. too bad it was taken off. i have never seen any problems with it and but as with anything else, it was tooooooo good to be true!!