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Hello Everyone, I am new to this BB. :chair: A little about me before I ask some questions; I am 29, soon to be 30 (Yuck....) I have been an electrical engineer for about 3 years and was an... Read More

  1. by   megmermaid
    Don't make yourself wait too long to go to med schoolif that's what you want!!

    Just about nobody will have saved enough to pay their way through med school---plenty of people are willing to give out loans to future docs. I looked into med school very deeply and know you can (and are almost expected to) get enough loans to cover tuition, books, and living expenses. Also, some school loans you currently have can sometimes be "put off" while in med school, then restart payments after.

    Basically, don't wait just for financial reasons!

    Also, as an engineer do you already have a bachelors degree? Because you could go ahead and apply to med school with just your CNA experience. But, if your application needs strengthening, becoming an RN or RT will look great. Either way, good luck!
  2. by   Danuttmahn
    Hello Megmermaid, thank you for the response. I don't want to wait too long to go to med school, but I have some bills that I have to pay first. I do realize I can defer my student loan, but I have some bills from being unemployed that need to be paid. Also, I would like to go to UMASS medical school, but you need to be a MA resident to be accepted. To be considered a resident you must live there for one year. I cannot do this and pay my bills on a CNA salary! Therefore I will become a RRT and work to pay off my current bills, then move to MA and after one year I will apply for medical school (hopefully before I am elderly!). I am considering proctology, since this world seems to be filled with a**holes! HEHE, sorry just had a bad day. Anyway, I actually want to be either an emergency medicine or pedi emergency medicine MD. Also, yes I have a BS but I do not have the BIOL courses which my RT degree will cover! And lastly, when I become a RT I can go to work at UMASS memorial and hopefully get a good rapport so the medical school can get a feel for who I am before I even apply. Again, thank you for the info and be well. Barry
  3. by   RNFROG3
    Good luck Barry- Why would we ban you. We need every specialty to make things easier on all of us. Follow your dreams and as Fred LeBlanc from a group called Cowboy Mouth says" Never give up , never give up" Love that guy! I for one love our resp guys and gals they make my job so much better and easier. It's so wonderful when our patients can breathe!
  4. by   nursedawn67
    sounds like you have made a plan for yourself and that is good! Good luck and welcome to the boards!
  5. by   Danuttmahn
    Thank you for responding RNFROG3 and greer128. I was just joking about the banning me from the BB. "You can live for a while without food, days without water, but only minutes without air!" I remind myself about that when someone gives me negative feedback about becoming a RT. greer128, yes I have made a plan which is partly the engineer in me! I just hope I can get into medical school before I am ready to retire! I actually was palning on retiring at 45 when I first became an engineer, boy was I naive HEHE. Thank you all for the info and Happy new year! Talk with you soon, take care and be well. Barry
  6. by   megmermaid
    sounds like a great schools recieve tons of apps from people with CNA's, your's will stand out!
    Good luck!