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Had a pt come in the other night, female about 40 y/o. She was brought in by her husband and her pastor. She was dragged from the car by them and placed in a wheelchair, and was then intercepted and... Read More

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    Quote from estrogen
    ...well, last I checked, using placebo was illegal. Unless you're conducting scientific research...

    unethical yes...illegal..no
  2. by   MAGIK GIRL
    i absolutely agree with the idea of religious freedom.
    i agree also, it is one of our constitutional rights. but admit it, some we don't understand because they are very different. variety is the spice of life.

    however, this patient came to the emergency room with an apparent physical/emotional problem wanting medical expertise.
    i'm not so sure that is the case. don't you ever get those patient that just need a pat on the back or a slap on the face (so to speak) and they are just fine until the next time? then there are the just really wierd ones who you just have to take with that ever so big grain of salt. if these folks are humored, they probably will just go away.

    i'm pretty sure that everyone knows that care in the er does not include exorcism, so i really don't understand why someone would come to the er expecting a priest on call for emergency exorcisms.
    personally, i think a good excercism would be fun. i realize that we all are busy but unfortunatly these are our patients just like any appy or bronchitis. they just need a different kind of care. do they need spiritual help? maybe, but for that moment they are putting their trust in us. do i want to call psyc? yes, but i why rock the boat if you don't have to? if we can treat and street, let's!
    the less drugs we give our all ready addicted society the better.

    spiritual emergencies need to be referred to the minister, priest, chaplan, rabbi, guru, priestess, whatever...

    this patient is very lucky she didn't get sent off for a 72 hour hold (would of happened in my state). and i'm wondering if a mental health referral would have actually been a good thing...
    now the fact that these people got admitted is beyond me. the problem should have been taken care of in the er.

    remember everyone these are just my opinions so don't go off, kay?
  3. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from MAGIK GIRL
    remember EVERYONE these are JUST my opinions so don't go off, kay?

    Not a problem! Frankly, I found it quite amazing that this thread, started and stopped in 2002, had this much life in it after all this time. :chuckle
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    ego, huh? haha

    Quote from SARAH CONNOR
    yeah really, you need to lighten up if you expect to survive in the er. don't take everything so serious. your not even an er nurse yet. chill out but have fun doing it!
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    Quote from falconboy
    ego, huh? haha

    ego? what?
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    Quote from estrogen

    B) You wouldn't give IV Phenergan???? For what, instead of a narcotic??? I have no Idea what you are talking about. IV Phenergan is not a narcotic, but it has calming effects and it makes one sleepy etc... As a matter of fact, there are people that are SEEKING Phenergan. So why would you even think of that?
    I'll try to keep this a short story, but about a month ago I was in the ED for chest pains. I complained to my PA that I was having intermittent chest pain and was wondering if such and such as med was doing it. I also told her that I wanted to start working out again and was hoping that everything was OK. She told me to go to urgent care and just get a 12 lead EKG. No problem, wanted to avoid the ED - hey, there are sicker people there than me and all I wanted was to confirm that I was OK!

    Well, urgent care got me back there and told me that I needed to be transferred by EMSA to the hospital. Even though he couldn't find a problem, he wanted me transferred. I can see where he was coming from, but involving EMSA was too much. Geez, at $550 a ride and they have more serious cases to attend to, honestly.

    I cried to the doc, if my PA TOLD me to go to ED, I would have gone! I didn't want EMSA involved. BTW, I called my husband from urgent care and he left work immediately to meet me at the hospital. Someone from urgent care FORGOT to call EMSA. My husband beat me to the hospital by 45 minutes!! :angryfire Poor guy, he was so worried.

    Long story short, I was eventually admitted for a cardiac workup. This was a complete surprise to me because the nurse talked like I was getting d/c'ed from ED and that was fine with me. Nope, had to stay.

    (YES, I'm getting around to my point of IV Phenergan)

    The only place they could find to get an IV was the base of my left index finger. Painful spot, BTW. Since we found out the hard way I was allergic to morphine, I received some Demerol for the pain (CP plus a headache caused by all the nitro). Started vomiting forcefully. Poor lady in the bed next to me called for the nurse because I was too busy puking my guts up for over 2 minutes. Anyhow, the doc ordered phenergan through my IV. Combined with the IV site, the previous reaction to the morphine, it HURT so badly. My hand was swollen for about a week.

    Moral of the story, yes, I knew what phenergan did to veins and I should have refused the IV phenergan. But as it was being pushed, I thought of all the stinging and burning (the nurse pushed it SLOW, too) and I thought, "this can't be good for any type of vein."

    I don't think I'll ever accept IV phenergan again. I used to get it all the time when I had a port-a-cath, and it didn't hurt, but in a tiny vein at the base of my finger in a very tenuous IV site? Nope. Never again.
    I work in the ER of a once secular hospital that recently merged with a Catholic hospital. The admissions staff calls me "The Great Satan". A finer moniker could not be bestowed.
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    Quote from estrogen
    ....ummm, no i'm just a little ole lpn in a little ole med surg unit. and i didn't take it seriously, i just didn't think it was that funny. sorry.

    so, since you are comming back to this, let me elaborate...
    i wasn't around thirty years ago (as a matter of fact i was just born around that time) and on top of that in a different country, so i don't know if the ethics of nursing were somehow different then, but to be honest i thought that you are making this up.... so it is more shocking to me, if this is infact true, as it seems from your second post.... not the fact that it is in fact cruel (you yourself were vividly describing how painfull it is to get such an h2o injection), very judgemental and presumptive, but more so the fact that in this day and age a nurse would think this kind of practice is agreeable...

    and it is still illegal and still not therapeutic...nor is it moral or ethical.... and not funny either.... sorry once again.

    i guess you're too young, then, to have developed a sense of humor. after being a nurse about as long as you've been alive -- or longer -- i can tell you that it's far more fun to laugh at things than to become judgemental about them! lighten up and laugh a little -- you'll last longer!
  9. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from gail-anne
    just how does an humorous story become a "flame" thread?
    granted, exorcisms in er may not be in everyones perverted funny bone but can't we let folks have a few laughs and take it with a grain of salt?
    because some folks have absolutely no sense of humor, and cannot restrain themselves from posting about something they don't get!
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The thread is 3 years old. No sense insulting each other over such an old and (to me, anyhow) dubious story....
  11. by   Deaconess
    Quote from BabyRN2Be
    I've read the whole thread (I'm a bit more awake now as opposed to when I posted last night) and there's something that I don't get.

    The OP described something like speaking in tongues. That USUALLY goes along with pentacostal teachings. So why did they want to call in a Catholic priest instead of following their own teachings for something like this? (whatever it might be in their book)

    Talk about a waste of everyone's resources. Not only the ED, but the chaplain's office, if not a Catholic hospital a priest might have been called in. I'm really glad that there was a wise doc on that night who said "no" to calling a priest in.

    I think that someone had the right idea in removing the husband and priest from the room and presenting the negative findings to the woman and respectfulling giving her some options.

    Wow, that sounds like they wasted lots of people's time and money.

    As a Pentecostal Christian myself, I doubt this pastor and couple were part of any recognized Pentecostal denomination or sect. In fact, in some independent churches the pastors have little theological or other education.

    I have had some experience myself with "deliverance ministry" - praying with people to free them from spiritual oppression. I have seen people set free from depression, eating disorders, and addiction with the help of this ministry done by TRAINED and discerning individuals.

    This woman definitely sounds like an attention-seeker, more than someone who genuinely wants to be free from a spiritual bondage. Unfortunately, an inexperienced but well-meaning pastor can be taken in by such a woman and in turn enable her mal-adaptive behavior. I would guess that this pastor had no training in deliverance and no connection with any other churches (such as a denomination) if he was calling for a Catholic preist.

    Done properly, deliverance ministry is done with the COOPERATION of the person being ministered to. It is done in a way that preserves the dignity of the individual seeking help (which this case obviously did not), and does not encourage bizarre behaviour. Definitely not anything like out of The Exorcist or resembling this scenario.

    ITs unfortunate that this whole scenario wasted the ER's and hospital's resources, unless the woman got the psychiatric help that she needed in the first place. Somehow I suspect she did not and will be bothering another pastor and/or hospital (not to mention her husband).
  12. by   MAGIK GIRL
    Quote from ruby vee
    because some folks have absolutely no sense of humor, and cannot restrain themselves from posting about something they don't get!

    i couldn't agree more! keep the thread alive. if you take away our ability to vent then you take away our sanity.
  13. by   MAGIK GIRL
    that is why there are numerous other threads to view. you have a choice as we all do.

    insults? insults are for the paranoid. they should immediatly shut off thier computers and go to the book store and buy the book "the four agreements" by miguel ruiz! :hatparty: