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Do you wear...we are on our feet for our whole shifts sometimes...I myself swear by clogs..always have.. I have 4pairs..1 dansko..1 modellista..1 rocket dog.... and a pair of crocs..i cannot wear... Read More

  1. by   NativeSundance
    Tried Croc's...great for a short shift when it's not hectic. Horrid for a long hectic shift.

    Tried Dansko's...three times, in fact...can't get a pair to fit my feet. Bummer.

    Love my New Balance 843's, but they quit making them and I don't care much for the 844's that replace the 843's.

    Just ordered New Balance 1122's. Hopefully that will be a comfortable shoe.
  2. by   teeituptom
    cheap, comfortable, easy to clean, disposable
  3. by   mamalle
    I actually work with a nurse that fell right over her flippin' crocs flat on her face. she just came back from having rotator cuff surgery. I would never wear them. For about the last 3 years I have worn leather clogs from Target. I think they are about my 5 or 6 pair.A large portion of the nurses I work with all wear the same shoe. Its affordable, stylish and comfortable!
  4. by   NativeSundance
    Received and tried my New Balance 1122's. AWFUL!!!!! Made it through 1/2 a shift and then off they came. This is the first time in 2 decades of nursing that I actually preferred to be BAREFOOT in the ED rather than suffer another minute in those dreadful shoes. Luckily, no traumas that night or anything else that would unduly yuck up my feet. Wore 4 pairs of patient gripper socks and watched carefully where I put my feet.

    Getting the right shoes is such a big deal...and such an individual thing. Sure wish New Balance wouldn't have gotten rid of their 843's. They were like walking on a cloud!
  5. by   saftman22
    I recently bought a pair of Crocs and would not wear anything else. No back PX since I have been wearing them.
  6. by   LMPhilbric
    I wear Nike runners that I had to buy in the children's section because my feet are so small. For me, it's not so much the shoes as the socks. I wear Hanes cushion socks when I work and my back and feet are generally fine for the night. I would wear Romika clogs if I could find them anywear here for a reasonable price. I used to wear them when I worked in Canada and I loved them, but they are really hard to find.
    I have been working in the er over a year and for the first 6 months I went through shoes in no 3 pair-(clogs, new balance). In one of my classed I took at another hospital I met a nurse that swore by Z-COIL shoes..she'd had her pair for a year and still strutting in them! I was sold...they are a hunk of money, but for the last 8 months or so I have worn the same pair and not gone home hurting!! They have different kind and are only sold in few places! check them out, i think they have a website... maybe...they have clogs and slide on shoes and boots and tennis shoes, ect!!
  8. by   beachtraumaqueen
    For me, I definately swear by Dansko's. I've worked in the ER for quite some time and they are the best I've found. I even wear them when I'm not working! I have a pair that is going on 4 years old and I still wear them mostly in the winter. I don't slide, etc. which is great! Dansko's rule, although my 12-yr-old is a huge Nike Shox fan and even named her kitten "Shox"! Go figure!