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Hello there. I was wondering if anyone knows of any hospitals that have ER programs for new grads either internships or extensive orientation. Thank you very much for you time.... Read More

  1. by   Pixie.RN
    My new grad program was great -- 4 months of orientation in my ER, plus a 3-month ER fellowship (with ENA-driven content) at our Level 1 facility; the two ran concurrently. My experience as a medic and in our facility was a huge help, too. I told my NM that I don't think I'd WANT to go to the ER as a brand-new, no-ER-experience-at-all-ever new grad! But yeah, with the right program/preceptor/support, it can work very well.
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  2. by   nadaylern
    I think you should NOT let people discourage you! I have been an ER RN for 18 years, came straight out of nursing school in to a level 1 trauma unit in San Diego. I too had pre-hospital as an EMT, IEMT and Paramedic. It helped me to have my per-hospital experience. I won't tell you it was easy, it wasn't, but hang in there, work hard and study often. Just remember, when you are the old experienced ER RN, don't eat your young!
  3. by   Kingbandit
    in columbus, ohio you could look at the second largest hospital system ohiohealth. they off an incredible experience called the "critical care fellowship." this program takes new nurses and prpares them to function as staff nurses within any of the critical care areas. the program utilizes both didactic learning and clinical rotations. there is no fear of grades but the instructors can remediate you if your not picking the information up.

    i completed this program in december 2004 and immediately started in the er of a 60bed level 1 trauma center. i feel i was adequately trained, especially since i still had my ed orientation which lasted 5 weeks.
  4. by   mcs1505
    Quote from KR
    First of all I would like to thank everyone for their input. I have one question or thing to add about working in the ER etc. I have been involved in EMS and running on the ambulances since i was 14 and got my EMT-B at 16. Would that make a difference in if I should wait to work in the ER or still think I should wait. Thank you all very much.
    Kimberly Rush
    How'd you get your Basic certs at 16? The National Registry requires you to be at least 18 years old...
    Anyway. I got into a residency program in the ER at Cincinnati Childrens in Ohio. It's a year long preceptorship plus classes. They supposedly have great success with their program.