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  1. I joined the ENA, but don't know where to find the patient to nurse recommendations?
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  3. by   msparadigm
    I have been a member of the ENA for many years. IT is my understanding that the ratio varies from state to state. Currently, in Florida, there is no ratio that I am aware of. Good luck with your inquiry.
  4. by   loricatus

    I don't think this is exactly what you care looking for; but, you may be able to find the document from the reference list (look at #12).
  5. by   Ariesbsn
    Thanks a bunch for your replies. Management has cut our staffing to the point where it is dangerous. Last Thursday I had the following 5 patients by myself and all at the same time. There was a pt with a hemoglobin of 7 with a bleeding mass in his abdomen, a pt whose defibrillator was firing, a pt with a blood pressure of 214/158 with chest pain and a headache (imagine that), a pt s/p parathyroidectomy who was experiencing tingling all over and turned out having both a low calcium and a low magnesium, and a pt who would desat into the mid to low 80's when he talked or moved even though he had supplemental O2.

    The patients in this area have q 1 hr vitals and assessments. I spent the night praying that nobody would die. I am in the process of writing a letter to the manager and telling her that the patient to nurse ratio is unsafe and that I feel my license is on the line. I want to be able to say that the ENA recommends the following ratios and I will not accept assignments that exceed those ratios.

    BTW, I am looking for a new job. They aren't worth my license.
  6. by   RNcDreams
    To the best of my knowledge, ENA recommends 4
  7. by   traumaRUs
    That is correct, the ENA recommends a nurse/pt ratio of 1:4 and less if they are even more critical.
  8. by   Ariesbsn
    Thank you traumaRUs and RNcDreams.