Emergency Nurses Week

  1. Happy Emergency Nurses Week

    :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa

    I hope you all get the recognition you deserve and the drug reps are good to you :chuckle

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  3. by   jojotoo
    THANK YOU!!! :kiss That was more recognition than the hospital is providing. They're not doing any thing for us and neither are the MDs.
  4. by   MomNRN
    The posters proclaiming "Emergency Nurses Week" went up today in our department.

    I am sure they will be giving us a big, fat juicy bonus! We should work on commission don'tcha know!
  5. by   elizabeth321
    Our managers and doc's give us a huge dinner with drinks and a lovely program for free!

  6. by   cota2k
    I had no idea it was ED Nurses Week, no wonder allour favorite regulars have bee in. I thought it was just the full moon. CONGRATS TO ALL!
  7. by   slou!
    I'm not an Emergency Department Nurse (or any nurse, for that matter! Just a pre-nursing student!) but I wanted to wish all of you guys a Happy ED week! Hopefully you will get some kind of special recognition. If not, just know that other people (like myself!) do really apreciate all of the hard work you all put in, so THANKS! :smiley_aa
  8. by   Jennifer, RN
    Happy Emergency Nurses Week everyone!!!! I takes a very special person to be able to deal with all the crap that we see on a day to day basis!!
  9. by   ERnursing4me
    Our WONDERFUL nurse educator has had posters up for well over a month and we have fantastic drug reps providing us lunch (and midnight lunch) and some "goodies", I think our EMS brings us lunch and our ED department (not sure who is behind it) is giving us big lunch today (IT IS EMERGENCY NURSES DAY ) and a chance to win a Littman Stethoscope

    I am very blessed:spin:
  10. by   EmerNurse
    Is it Emergency NURSES week? The printed flyer in our nursing station includes all ER staff, not just nurses. And that's IT btw. Is it THIS week?

    Sigh - just came off a mega-shift from hell (in triage - can you see the sign on my forehead?) and to top it off, found out one of our team got fired (yep RN).


    Pray for me - sit my CEN tomorrow and am exhausted, downhearted and sleepy.

    Grats to all you great ER nurses - hell if I know how we do it some days.

  11. by   ERnursing4me
    this is straight from the ena website, but why not celebrate the whole dept, it is a team effort anyway
    sponsored by
    celebrate emergency nurses week - october 8-14, 2006
    [font=monotype corsiva]always ready, always caring
    the emergency nurses association (ena) salutes the dedication and commitment of the emergency nursing professional who brings care, comfort, and compassion to patients and their loved ones. ena invites you to join colleagues across the country who will celebrate the annual event in their communities. this year's theme, "emergency nurses: always ready. always caring.," is a call to honor the compassion, skills and commitment of emergency nurses. whether your nurses serve in clinical settings or as educators, flight nurses or community volunteers, they deserve recognition. a memorable emergency nurses day and emergency nurses week begins with a solid plan to inform the public about emergency nursing. your activities will enhance visibility of the profession and our more than 30,000 ena members with this key message:
    through research, education, quality care and nursing advocacy, the emergency nurses association supports and honors the advancement and professionalism of emergency nurses everywhere
  12. by   teeituptom
    isnt it such a cute event to look forward to every year
  13. by   Jennifer, RN
    We got a basket of candy. Not even good candy. Oh yeah, we also got a notecard with "thanks for your hard work". I feel so appreciated now.
  14. by   SillyLilly
    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! Close people to me have been in the ER and hospital more than enough times over the the past few months. You are MUCH appreciated by me and them! :heartbeat