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Hi all, Quick general question: Do you guys consider the external jugular a central vein or a peripheral vein and why? I was looking online and am getting a lot of conflicting information,... Read More

  1. by   CraigB-RN
    There are two places to look.

    1. The Board of Nursing for the state your practicing in. Suprise suprise each state is different in what they allow nurses to do.

    2. You hosptial policies. Just because the BON states you can do something doesn't mean your hospital will let you.
  2. by   absolut
    Thanks for all the replies guys, it's been a big help.
  3. by   Larry77
    This has also been a highly researched topic at our facility. In looking into the BON of Wash St there was no language addressing this issue (I was told, did not do the research myself) and there is no hospital policy addressing it either. Some of us RN's place EJ's when necessary but always clear it with the doc first (some of them like to do it themselves others won't even try). Out of all of us there is probably only 4-5 of us that will do EJ's.

    I don't see any argument that could support an EJ being called a central line, peripheral all the way.