ED transition from a varied clinical background

  1. Hey eyeryone. Quick Question. Wondering if there is out there anyone who has had L&D experience working in the ED? I started out with 2.5 years of critical care in cardiac and neuro, then transferred to L&D for the experience b/c I couldn't get into the ED(already filly staffed). I love L&D, but have always wondered if if my background could set me up to do well as an ED RN. Still only 23 and have time to think, but wondering if there is room for me in the ED someday
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  3. by   bill4745
    Your critical care and L/D knowledge would be welcomed in our ER.
  4. by   Medic/Nurse
    I think you would do just fine.
    Probably do even better than ...fine.

    The fact is many ED's now use new grads. And YOU have some incredible experience that will be a definite BONUS.

    I see that you are in VA - Do you work at Mary Wash?
    If so, I can understand your reluctance - it is such a BIG department, with a high census. It can be a little intimidating.


    With your experience, I'd take a job in the ED there in a second. I had the opportunity to tour the facility some time ago and I was impressed with the organization! I think they have a good orientation program and (from my perspective - strong clinicians) seem to be very progressive and proactive in patient management ... so --- I think this would be a great place to LEARN and GROW.

    Take all the alphabet soup classes you can (ACLS, PALS, TNCC, ENPC, NRP) - job shadow a shift or two. Get excited about learning new things! I find that the NEW can keep me going when I'm ready to give up!

    If I can help, PM me anytime.

  5. by   neneRN
    My ER hires so many new grads, I'd love to see anyone come in with some experience! Your critical care experience is great and ER nurses would appreciate someone who is comfortable with the preggos-most of us just want to get them out of there ASAP!
  6. by   RealNut
    Yup, I already have BLS, ACLS, telemetry, NRP, the critical care core curriculum and PNIP (Perinatal internship) all undermy belt. The only thing I'm missing is PALS. And yes, I am employed at Mary Washington Hospital. So far, so good. They have been so good to me. When I wanted to expand my horizons beyond cardiac/neuro on the floor, stuck and desperate , I went directly to the director for the center of nursing excellence and got into L&D through the back door. (I hate waiting and playing waiting, go-around games with online job listings for work) At the time, it was hard to find an opening that time of year to do a internship somewhere new and ED was already full for new hires for the year. Thus, L&D. I wouldn't trade the experience. I want to be a well round nurse. This I believe will help me as I pursue advanced practice nursing in Adult Acute Care. If anyone needs info on MWH, just let me know. I know a lot of people as I participate in the councils and get get info easily.
  7. by   RealNut
    P.S. it's late at night and I can't spell!! Heehee