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Just realized last night that this place I am traveling at has no metal detector or screening for security. I've been there about 3 weeks and have seen a few knives smuggled in. I'm... Read More

  1. by   vaughanmk
    I work at a childrens hospital so NO adults are allowed into the facility without showing a picture ID to security upon entering the door. We have approx 15 guards on per shift. One sits at the door and another sits at the triage/check in desk with the nurse. In fact they help us out and have the family fill out the paper work late at night if there is only one RN at the desk and they are with another pt. Most of our guards either have other security or police backgrounds or are EMT's.
  2. by   steelcityrn
    Security in a emergency room has been a issue as long as there have been E.R.'s. We now have so much technology to help protect us than even 5 years ago. It comes down to money again folks. When the CEO is pulling in more money that your surgeons, and the folks dribbling off of them are making more than you will ever make at a travel job working 100+ hours a week, where will they find the money to protect you????????