ED Job Interview - any advice?

  1. Hi Everyone.
    I'm new here! I've been out of nursing for a few years, to have my 2 kids. I'm finally going back to work, and really looking forward to the challenges again (in the adult world, that is...!).
    I have a job interview scheduled for this Thursday in an ED (not a pediatric hospital). You can see by my profile what my previous experience is, mainly all pediatrics. This will be totally new for me and I'm decidedly a little nervous. However, I really want to work in Emerg again, and am excited about all the new things I'll learn in this new adult setting.
    Can anyone who can remember their interview, or who has interviewed people themselves, give me a little guidance on what type of questions I may expect? There will be no written test, just some scenario questions, as part of the interview. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible, so as not to look like a total idiot.
    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   cari rn
    Is there no one who can help??
  4. by   e5by5
    So, back in the field after some time off? Listen, most of the questions you will be asked will relate to customer service.....Have you ever had to deal with an irate patient or family member?.....How did you handle it?.....what was the outcome?....ect. You will probably be asked a few questions about medical errors and how you would deal with them.......You are a nurse, you will know the answers to all of these questions, don't worry. Now,what you DO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT.............You need to be asking some pointed questions of your prospective employer....First, How does the ED flow? Do they use set triage criteria......How many patients will you be assigned at a given time?.......Are patients assigned to nurses based on level of care?......Do the hold patients?......For how long?....Can you meet with some of the staff?....How do they like it?....ect......

    I've worked in EDs where I had 6-7 patients, some admitted and waiting on beds (Sometimes for 24 hrs or longer), some on vents with bolts and IC pressure monitors. In the MICU or SICU the patient would have been a 1:1 but in the ED.....Anything went...

    My point is know what you are getting into. See if the hospital has the best interest of the patient in mind in its decision making process. If it does, then the Nurses working there will be happy and so will you if YOU DECIDE TO WORK THERE.....Remember, there are always other hospitals and finding a job at one is not hard....Hope this helps....
  5. by   AfloydRN
    In my hospital, questions are very upfront w/ no hidden meaning. Why choose ER....What's your experience... Acls, Pals, Tncc, Enpc etc.., How do you handle stress, screaming MD's, yelling patients and families, best patient story, worst patient story, why should we hire you, strenghts and weaknesses, personality traits, scheduling issues, etc
  6. by   cari rn
    Thanks, those are both really good pieces of advice. I wouldn't have thought to ask some of those questions. My experience at a peds hospital emerg was 3:1 staffing at most, 2:1 or 1:1 if they're sick. It was a really well run unit, very well staffed. I guess maybe I've taken peds for granted? Anyhow, great ideas! Thanks!
  7. by   GIJay
    I have been interviewing quite a bit the past few months and have noticed most interviewers read from the same book. Nearly every place asks: What are your strengths?, What are your weaknesses or things you consider 'works in progress'? Why did you apply at this hospital?, How do you handle stress/adversity/difficult pt's? Why should we hire you?
    And don't discount your pediatric experience. Most ER's would love to have someone with that background (I know I would)