do you get paid for gaining an hour?

  1. Tonight is the night that we gain an hour at 2am. And the night shift at the hospital I work in does not get paid for the extra hour that they have to work. They end up working 13hrs but only get paid for 12hrs. They say thatit all comes out even b/c when we lose an hour, thay pay us. I think that is awful, I think we should ge paid for working and not get paid when we gain an hour. Wat is your opinion?
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  3. by   ceworden
    Hello ktm,
    I was fortunate that were I worked when the time change went to "fall back" we were paid for the extra hour or had the option to use it as "comp time". When the time change was "spring forward" we did not get the extra hour.
    This seemed to work well for all of us. Because they are times when if you had car trouble for example you were able to use the extra hour if needed.
    However, with the changes in our Profession the "Big Boy's" will do anything to save a few bucks.


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  4. by   KR
    I worked the night shift and will get paid an hour of overtime for doing so. It is an extra hour worked, and therefore have to pay it to us. KR