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I have been an RN for just 3 years- this past year has been very difficult. For the past 2 years I have worked in the ER. I knew the staff was known for being " cut throat" but this is just terrible.... Read More

  1. by   Hanginten247
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    I did not punch her but I lost it. Everyone saw me salivating. The f bombs flew out of my mouth. I threw my report paper at her.
    Ironically, she was soon later fired cuz they soon realized she actually did nothing all day. Did 1 med pass a day at 2 o'clock. Lmbo.
    Love it!! :-)
  2. by   sandyfeet
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    I reallllly try hard to have all the bases covered before my relief needs report (line, labs, urine, assessment) but ya know, life happens and I can't always leave everything ready to go for them. I really 'enjoy' the crotchety responses I get from the fresh, next shift coming on. It never fails, if I give them report, and they find out they have anything to do, it comes off like they are put off and don't even want to hear what I say. Especially when I vacated 3 of my 4 rooms 10 minutes before they came on and 3 fresh faces appeared..

    I am never one of those nurses who would say "that's a night shift problem!", I always try to wrap it up before the end of shift. But when you clear out rooms and the new ones are loaded in right at shift change (or after), it's beyond my control to get them all dialed before the next shift starts. Don't take it personally!

    OP, how are you at helping out other nurses? You wrote that you go above and beyond for your patients, but do you ever help others out too? When I first started working, I asked for a lot of help and I think I would burn people out. But now I make the extra effort to help out other nurses (when I can), and without any other change in my behavior, I have become much more liked on my unit. I'm not doing anything huge...starting a line while someone charts, grabbing seizure pads if our tech is busy, etc. But people now perceive me as a "team player" and the work atmosphere is a positive one.