Critical Incident

  1. Seeking advice on how to handle a co-worker's reaction to a trauma case......this person is criticising everyone. No debriefing took place & I am recommending a session. The Dept Mgr began a disciplinary process in response to this person's perception!!!!
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  3. by   mdslabod
    Could we have a bit more information , please?

    What happened?
    Who is critizing everyone?
    Who is "everyone" ?

  4. by   lennim
    To mdalabod: Everyone involved in the trauma, particularly two staff members. One staff RN received a disciplinary report based on this one staff member's "perception"about being "argumentative" with the ED physician. No one should ever be criticized during a traumatic event, unless they've deviated from standard protocal/procedure, in my opinion. This person didn't even have the courtesy to discuss her "perception" with the staff involved. No debriefing took place, which would have helped to eliminate this type of situation. Thanks for your inquiry.
  5. by   Caro
    I agree that no-one should be subjected to disciplinary action if there was no infringement of procedure/protocol.I assume that the argument did not impact adveresly on patient care.

    A debriefing would be advisable for all involved.

    Was it the physician who made the complaint ? If not, your colleague has no case to answer.If it was the physician it would have been more appropriate to discuss it with your colleague before they made a complaint.

    Your colleague is within her rights to disagree with a physician - it is an important part of our role to act as patient advocates.

  6. by   annies
    The action was inappropriate. You are right to request a debriefing. Perhaps the disciplinary process will be defused during the debriefing and withdrawn. It should be addressed during the debriefing while you are in a protected environment. Good luck.
  7. by   teeituptom
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    I still am not sure what your describing as an incident and what happened. Your not giving enough information. I hope a debriefing works things out rather some administrative foolishness. I wish we got debriefings here, Ive been an Er nurse for a long time, in texas. I havent seen a debriefing yet. Wouldnt be a bad idea though, there era always time we all need someone to unwind on
    good luck
    keep it in the short grass yall
  8. by   lennim
    To all who responded to my post- thanks for your support & interest.
    Update: a mediation session was requested & held, which should have ended the "write-up", nonetheless, after spending 2 hours with the hosp. CEO during a grievance process that ensued, a disciplinary action report was placed in the staff nurse's personnel file...........