CEN Exam Prep

  1. I've just started studying for the CEN exam, any recommendations or tips from those studying or who have written the exam? Thanks!
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  3. by   TazziRN
    The same as the boards.....read carefully and realize that there might be more than one right answer......you need to choose the one most correct.
  4. by   matthewjdouma
    Thanks for your reply, I'll keep the most right answer in mind. Did you use any specific resources to aid your studying?
  5. by   grammyr
    I used the ENA resources and lots of time. If possible, attend a review course. There are some good ones out there that are taught by CENs. Take as many practice exams as you feel necessary so you will get the idea of how the questions are asked the the rationale behind the correct answers.
  6. by   matthewjdouma
    Thanks, I found an interesting review guide and textbook on ena.org
  7. by   EmerNurse
    Strengthen your knowledge of the physiology of the major systems, and the major pathos you normally see. So many of the questions are convoluted, that you have to work out the answer based on what you know about the body's norms and abnorms.

    You'll also see things on the exam that no one in their right mind has ever seen (in recent memory) wander into their ER. That's where the phys and pathophys knowledge will really save your butt.

    I assumed I failed after question #6, the questions were that odd, but I did pass, so there ya go.

    Good luck! It's a bear, but doable!