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to anyone who has any of these certifications can you tell me from personal experience what to expect? how hard is it to obtain the certification, how much , how long did you work in the ER before... Read More

  1. by   NP2BeNY
    I'll echo what others have said:

    TNCC is a 2 day course, pretty much presents the"alphabet" method of assessment/intervention.

    CEN is a computerized test, the questions can run the gamut of disease processes and presentations. As Pixie RN also said, I've heard of the CCRN being more difficult.
  2. by   GinRN777
    I have both TNCC and CEN. I did not study for TNCC and passed. For my CEN I took a review course over 2 days, and the 3rd day took the test. I have to say the test was harder than boards, but I passed. I also did some questions out of ENA's review book prior to the class. Study, study, study.
  3. by   MoshRN
    Quote from LilgirlRN
    TNCC, easy, don't sweat it. Lots of common sense stuff.
    For those of us with very little acute care experience, the new TNCC was tough. I am now in the ED and it makes sense to me now, but the written test was difficult...and I studied, a lot. Hopefully, after I get some experience, the CEN will not be so tough. But, I will be ready. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. by   JDayRN
    I have my CEN & the ITLS & TNCC Certificates. Honestly, I think the TNCC has been a great revenue source for the ENA, & as a result the ENA has been able to do much more because of it's success but as a course I thing the TNCC is horrible. Here's how I look at it: it's way more complicated than it has to be, that is why I prefer the ITLS or TCCC methods of assessment that employ a mnemonic that is evidence based by medics & physicians In combat during the last 15+yrs of last Gulf and current Afghanistan Wars. The TNCC written exam is a nursing examination that you probably do want to study for, it's not terribly hard but for someone that does not prepare you could find yourself in a pickle if you don't watch out. However, the Simulation Test is utterly ridiculous in it's absurdity. 1) It's just a scrip that you read between you and your proctor. This is very different than the ACLS, PALS, or ITLS courses you may be use to where you lead a team in a attempt diagnose the current problem & stabilize the Pt to a higher level of care. In those situations you are judged upon your actions and leadership with your team. TNCC uses a quantifiable method where you have to follow a rigid ordered A-B-C type of assessment and during each of those stages you "alone with you proctor" have to then answer the "Double Starred" items as you go through your assessment. Then you have to recite the 1 starred items for more points. Otherwise everything else such as the LMNO portion of the assessement really do not matter because those items are not starred. It's absolutely the worst simulation teaching method I have every seen in my life. I'm suprised nobody has called out the ENA on how much of a scam this class really is. Also it's not nearly as effective as ITLS with regards to Trauma & its teaching methodology. Yes I know ITLS is Pre Hospital but I felt I learned much more practical trauma assessment application with that class than the lame cheesy bad porno movie dialogue that TNCC has you recite. If you can find me one person who can honestly say that he sim situation that is presented to pass that course is even remotely similar to what really goes down with a trauma intake or code -*I'll bow down and kiss your feet. This class is absolutely horrible & the worst part is that I have not seen any evidence to prove that it even works. Also 2) it's too long & just filled with fluff, ITLS is two 1/2 days which I think is just about right. 3) It's too expensive, this class is way to expensive for the experiance & teaching that it offers. 4) The TNCC method of assessment is way too complicated than it has to be.
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