1. I am considering CATN or ATLS sometime this summer or fall. I have TNCC already and am taking ENPC next month. Has anyone taken either one of those? I have a doc trying to encourage me to take ATLS, but am not sure which would be the best choice.

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  3. by   teeituptom
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    You will get more benefit and satisfaction from the CATN, as it is geared towards nursing.

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  4. by   dbringle
    I am also going to take ATLS. What I have heard, ATLS is geared for MD's and Surg's. They do include you in the class, but you can not get a cert. for it. The only thing is to audit the class. You still get the info. and get involved with the skills lab (chest tubes and surg. airways on a live/sedatated pig at my hospital). It sounds pretty cool, I can't wait until my class. Also where I am, it is 2 full days. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of Texas

    Oh the poor little pig.
  6. by   dbringle
    Please dont think that I think its cool to harm animals, The reason they use a pig is because their skin is kinda like ours. I thought the same thing when I first heard it was a live pig.