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I am about to start nursing school and I cannot seem to find any information about what I can do post-grad. What will be my options once I graduate with a BSN? Will I be able to go straight into... Read More

  1. by   AC123TX
    Quote from adewitt149
    Wow, I worked as a nurse apprentice in an ED that had a trauma center. I am also about to start a New graduate program in an ED. I remember being soooo facinated by trauma nursing. The teamwork you guys display is amazing . I think that is wonderful they have a program like that! I want to get my TNCC, CEN, and CCRN in the near future!
    What is a nurse apprentice exactly... and where do I sign up? haha
  2. by   LaughingRN
    Newer grad here I took a clinic job for 10 months and landed my first hospital job just recently.

    Level 1 ER, 4 months orientation, classroom learning and certificates included...

    Not very far in, but it is definitely possible!
  3. by   AC123TX
    That sounds really exciting! What made you interested in ER? Can you compare and contrast it to your other clinical rotations?
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    I was hired as a new grad in to the ED. Just over 4 months of orientation. It didn't really include an organized classroom component but my preceptor was fantastic.