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I am taking a charge nurse position in the ER and I was wondering if any of you had any tips for boosting morale in the ER... I am very excited about this position but I would also like to boost... Read More

  1. by   sumas8
    I've been in charge for a bit over 6 months now. Some great and true suggestions given here. The person who trained me got me into the giving out chocolates thing. I keep a bag of Hershey's kisses or something in the office and bring them around on a busy night. And absolutely pitch in= there is no task I don't do. I answer call bells, give bedpans, discharge patients, cover breaks if possible or needed. You have to show staff what you expect them to do. And when the spit hits the fan and staffing is bad, people appreciate to be covered if only for a smoke or fresh air break.
    And since you are visible around the dept, you can see things and give true compliments, such as "You handled that angry Mom really well" and such.
    I couldn't do this job without my sense of humor, so be sure to seek out and enjoy that too- only your ER co=workers can appreciate the things that go on at work!! I am on night shift for years by choice, because we have so much fun at work, although outsiders find that hard to believe.
    I periodically bake some brownies, or one of the docs sends someone out to get coffee and donuts or makings for an ice cream party. Just be the kind of nurse that you want your staff to be- compliment in public, and criticize/discuss in private. You know how you would want to be treated.
    I'm finding it tough to do all the paperwork (evaluations, chart audits, etc)
    but it's a challenge I'm enjoying. Good Luck------------
  2. by   RedERRN
    Always take into consideration what the nurses have going on in their rooms. For example, if Nurse Smiley has an STEMI in one room in prep for stat cath lab and a patient with ARDS in prep for RSI in another room, then she is not the nurse to send the 101y.o. full code from EMS who is now apenic and unresponsive.

    Never, never, never enter the room and just stand there watching your staff work their butts off (I had a charge nurse who would just come and stand at the door during codes...she never offered help or anything)!

    Do whatever it takes! If the patient needs poop cleaned off of them so they are presentable enough to go to the floor then clean them up!

    While being chums with the other members of administration can make you feel more powerful and may help you climb the proverbial ladder, making friends and having fun with your staff is waaaaaayyyy more important - after all, we see ourselves as your coworkers.

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!