Any good ER reads?

  1. Hello fellow nurses.

    I have 6 years of nursing experience in telemetry. I just started working in the ED and I must admit I feel like a new grad again. My 4th day on the floor I had 2 patients and felt overwhelmed. I feel as though I need some extra help to help bring me up to par. So I have been reading different articles on ED nursing and some of my books from nursing school to revamp my knowledge. But I still feel that there are some things missing.

    Do any of you know of any good ER Nursing books I can get to help me?

    Thanks much.
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    Sheehy's Emergency Nursing is "the" book. There should a copy in your ER. Check with your manager.
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  5. by   caseywestt
    Fast facts for the ER nurse! I am a new grad in the ER and I keep it with me when on the floor. It's a good quick reference as far as making sure you're ordering the right labs and anticipating what meds/procedures might be ordered. It also has a few pages in the back with common labs/meds fast facts for the er nurse
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    Sheehy's Emergency Nursing is like the ER nursing bible, lol. That's really the only book you need, imo, and maybe an ENPC manual. Fast Facts for the ER Nurse is good, too.