Annoying ER doc's habits - page 2

I wonder how common this is in small hospitals. We have a 4 bed ER and a doc comes in and stays in the lounge when there are no patients. For the past few nights, a patient will come in, and if I... Read More

  1. by   ScarlettRN
    He is the director of emergency service, actually. And yes, he is laying in bed when he asks these questions. There are some clear cut situations that I will go on and draw blood and order xrays, and then I told him I tried to let him sleep and he quizzed me on situations that it is not okay to let him sleep. I thought to myself, you can't have it both ways here....
  2. by   canoehead
    I need to vent my annoying ER doc situation for the night.

    3yo with a rash, no SOB, probably an allergic reaction. The order reads; epinephrine 2mg IV now.


    Well I brought it to the attention of the ER manager and she feels that since the nurse caught the error and got the dose changed that this order requires no followup counselling.

    Meanwhile we have a green nurse starting ER orientation who will be assigned with this doc after about a month. She comes with only lukewarm references and a year out of school. They will be alone together. How many incident reports will be written before the scheduling Gods come to their senses? I'm starting a pool.