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I floated down to the ER for a couple of nights to sit 1:1 (I'm a CNA) with an early onset Alzheimer's patient and much to my surprise, she had been there for 3 days and the woman next door --waiting... Read More

  1. by   celtchick68
    In my ER we frequently hold IVC patients for days while trying to find placement. My facility has a 30 bed psych unit but it's always full. Usually when one is discharged and on the way down in the elevator we have one we're taking up in the other elevator. We have tons of frequent fliers who abuse the services and know just what to say to get a bed and 3 square meals for 72 hours. Had a lady last week who came in on EMS with some trivial mess, was treated and released. Middle of the night she had no ride home. She mistakenly thought EMS was a 2-way taxi service and when she found out otherwise she began to c/o chest pain. Readmitted and worked up, nothing wrong with her she goes back out to the waiting room after discharge. She then gets upset when she realizes the ER isn't an all night diner and won't feed her a meal (did give her crackers and a drink) she still has no ride home and now says she wants to kill herself and is admitted yet a 3rd time in less than 5 hours. She gets her box lunch and proceeds to waste the time of everyone for the next shift waiting for psych consult.