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This is how they present in triage. You note that they appear anxious, possibly in a bit of pain, sometimes they are very matter of fact. We've all seen em. Retained foreign object in various... Read More

  1. by   LMPhilbric
    Quote from Nemhain
    I met an ER nurse from Kansas City and one night while she was on duty a woman came in with a German Shepard...let me clarify, she was on the German Shepard.
    Don't people go to jail for things like that?
    I must be stupid, but could somebody please explain to me how this woman could get "stuck"? The nurse was completely serious when she told this to me and I was so shocked I didn't think to ask how she could be "stuck". :uhoh21:
    I've heard that some male animal reproductive "members" don't exactly resemble the male human's, but a dog's? What the @#$*? (believe it or not, I got an "A" in anatomy).
    Sorry, if this is strange subject matter (considering the other posts on this thread I guess it's not too bizarre), but I'm curious. :imbar
    OK, I'm laughing so damn hard right now my dogs are looking at me with alarm (both females, I'm happily married so they don't have to worry...lol). What the hell could you possibly be thinking when you do something like this? And the best part of this is that I know every single nurse in my ER would be more worried about the dog's outcome than the stupid human! It's not like the dog had a whole hell of a lot of choice in the matter.