# of ED Visits Per Year ?

  1. I work at a community hospital that has a very busy E.D. They tell us it is the busiest in the area (and the definition of "area" is what I question). People are skeptical when I repeat that statement.

    So I was wondering....how many visits per year does YOUR hospital's E.D. get? I'd like to compare notes. Our E.D. has, I believe, 15 rooms. The hospital itself is licensed for 329 beds but only has about 220 open. The Telemetry unit--which is always slammed with admissions--usually runs at 36 beds but has the capacity of 48 (need more staff!). ICU 18 beds.

    (I'm going to post this under General too--not *too* much action here under the Specialties).

    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   twright
    Togehter the Adult ETC and the Children's Emergency Center (CEC) see about 82,500 visits each year. Our hospital has over 600 licensed beds and we are under construction right now.
  4. by   Katnip
    The hospital I did my ED clinical in this semester gets about 65,000 visits a year. It's the second busiest ED in the state. The busiest gets about 68,000 per year.

    This is in a city with at least 10 hospitals. The busiest hospital is in the suburbs about 10 minutes away.
  5. by   acuteobrn
    The hospital I used to work at had around 60,000 ER visits per year including the peds ER. This was a Level II Community hospital. ICU-36 bed, OB 44 bed, Tele 40, Step Down 30 and of course all of the specialty floors for a total of 500 beds. They were busy, most in the area, but again that wasn't well defined. There was a Level I trauma center about 15 miles down the road.
  6. by   Zee_RN
    Busy places! Our E.D. gets 40,000 visits a year. We are level II so we don't do trauma. We don't do open hearts. There are a bunch of hospitals in the city but not in our suburban area. Considering our low number of open beds (~200), 40,000 visits is very busy. I have the utmost respect for nurses who work E.D. I got pulled there the other day for a couple hours just as a "helper" and it just reinforced my love of the ICU!

    (Of course, they had me triage a psych patient. Never triaged anyone in my life and I get a truly bizarre schizophrenic!)
    I am part of 2 hospital system in a single mid-western city both with acute ED's. These hospitals absorb patients from a 9 county area. One does heart cath and bypass and the other does not. The non-heart hospital has specialty for peds/OB/psych(yech). Both have ICU's but obviously the heart hospital has more ICU heart patients. Heart ED sees about 28,000/year in a brand new ED with 25+ beds. The non-heart hospital sees 36,000 in an ED that is 23 years old and was desined for 18,000 patients/year. Both ED's see equal amounts trauma, 95%+ blunt as mechanism.
  8. by   luv-my-dal
    interesting stats....
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  9. by   ernurse728
    Zee our ED has similar stats to yours. Approximately 350 beds, ED consists of 25 reg. beds and 12 fast track beds. WE do not have OB in our hospital. ICU/CCU consists of 12 beds and we see abut 70,000 pt's a year.
  10. by   debbyed
    Our ER has 30 regular beds and 8 fast track. This year we will be close to 60,000 visits.
  11. by   OO7Trauma
    Our ED had about 48,000 visits last year. We are on track to see about 20% more people this year. We are a level II that see some trauma, mostly blunt. Most of our patient load is high acuity medicals and hearts. We admit 56% of all hospital admissions.
  12. by   Y2KRN

    Our ED sees 82,000 a year has 40 beds and 10 fast care beds. Six Trauma rooms and nooooo staff.

  13. by   Rena RN 2003

    our little rural ED see's approximately 150 pts. per day. :chuckle seems like such a little number compared to some of your ED's.

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