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Hello fellow veteran Nurses!

Just took my boards and made it Thank You JeSuS! lol

I just found out about Private Duty Nursing(PVD) and understand as a LPN I can start getting cases! I need help steering me in the right direction please! My progress so far is I applied for NPi# in order to complete an application for http://wWw.EmedNY.org from which I understand they will assign me a care provider# which will in turn qualify me to get paid from medicaid health insurance subscribers (Please correct me if I am wrong)


-How much can an LPN make from PDN in NY cases?

-I have read somewhere that some LPNs get 23/hr from EmedNY.org , my understanding of going through this process of registering is to potentially cut out the middle man and starting ur own business.. sort of.. some agencies could pay up to 31/hr to compete with full time nursing homes.. could that 23/hr quote b wrong?

-Are there other insurance providers besides Medicaid/Medicare(i.e. blue cross, blue shield, Aetna, etc..); How do i apply for them?

-Is there any additional certification that i could take that would potentially increase my income potential as a registered care provider?

I would like to thank you guys in advance for any help

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Are you an experienced nurse? Working independently as a new nurse is not recommended. It is my understanding that you will not be able to bill private insurance as an LPN as LPN's must work under the direction of an RN, APN, physician or dentist. Plus if you only have in school clinical experience how can you market yourself as an independent clinician. There are some private duty nursing (PDN) agencies that will consider new grads. This way you can gain experience with agency oversight to learn basic policy & procedure, documentation requirements, improve your clinical skills and knowledge. In addition individual malpractice/liability insurance is significantly higher if you are self-employed and some carriers will not issue a policy to an inexperienced nurse who wishes to work as a self-employed independent contractor. If you are direct billing for care you want to make certain that you have a personal professional malpractice/liability insurance policy in force.

Try the VNA some of the offices will consider hiring new grad nurses. (VNA = visiting nurse association) if they do not they may be able to refer you to some who do hire new grads. Good luck


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Thanks again I will look into it further n let you know of what my progress has been. I pushed for it because my understanding is that i would have been under direction of RN regardless of how experienced i was. But you have a point I will keep applying for other agencies til i land one that will give me a chance to prove myself. typical "all asking for experience but none willing to give a shot at getting it in the first place"

Thanks for your sound advice by the way much appreciated believe me