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Hi, Im an active USRN but still in the Philippines waiting for my priority date. I also am interested to work as an RN in Canada or in the middle east so, everyday for the past few days I would search the web for work.. sending out CV's and all. Strangely I received an email from a facility which I don't recall I have applied for. This is a copy of their email:

" REMINDER: Please READ & UNDERSTAND our email message before making any call or text inquiries, it is advisable for you to PRINT it.

After evaluation of your resume thru online job posting, we are pleased to tell you that you were chosen for the position of a Staff Nurse (Philippine Board licensed) and/or Nurse Aide(unlicensed/undergraduate Nurse & medical allied course graduate) for Abbotsford Hospice Society in Canada

You must attend the FIRST & LAST Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching for the year 2014 onMarch 15 & 16, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday) from 9:00AM-5:00PM. Canadian Trainerstogether with the employers are now here in the Philippines sinceMarch 9, 2014 (Sunday).

Call us for inquiries strictly from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Sunday (12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break/3:00-3:30PM Coffee Break) WE ARE OPEN DURING SATURDAY & SUNDAY

PLDT Landline no..:Area code (02) Telephone No. ************

Cellular No.:****************(Company Mobile Numbers)

We will start accepting inquiries startingMarch 9, 2014 (Sunday) - March 13, 2014 (Thursday) strictly from 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. only (12:00-1:00PM Lunch Break/3:00-3:30PM Coffee Break).

NO HIDDEN CHARGES!Airfare, work permit & working visa will be shouldered by our company, the only expenses that you are going to shoulder is the medical exam fee &Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching feebecause this is on a DIRECT/NAME HIRE BASIS.

To better understand the process, we provide you with our application procedure:

Recruitment Process:1. Sending of resume thru online job posting for Pre-qualification (done)

2. Once selected, you will receive an e-mail message & a text message from us telling you that you are selected for the position & we will ask you to prepare the necessary requirements listed below (done)

3. We will send an e-mail message requiring you to attend a 2-day Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching which is a requirement by our company(done)

4. After receiving our e-mail message, you can call us for inquiries or pay anytime theAbbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching at our accredited payment center (Western Union and/or LBC) forSLOT RESERVATION (first step)

5. Attend the 2-dayAbbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching onMarch 15 & 16, 2014 Saturday & Sunday from 9am-5pm), get the required certificate, orientation with the employer March 15, 2014 Saturdayfrom 9:00-10:00 AM) & signing of employment contract with interview with the employerMarch 16, 2014 Sundayfrom 4:00-5:00 PM)

6. After finishing the 2 dayAbbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching, receiving the required certificate,orientation with the employer & signing of employment contract, you can now submit the necessary requirements.

7. While the documents are still on process you have to get an endorsement letter for medical examination (your choice of clinic/hospital as long as it is accredited by DOH, POEA & MARINA)

8. After we received your documents (max. of 2 weeks after mailing the documents), we will start processing your work permit (max. of 4 weeks processing)

9. After the approval of your work permit, we will start processing your working visa (max. of 4 weeks processing)

10. After the approval of your working visa, schedule for Pre- departure orientation seminar (PDOS), interview in the embassy for visa stamping & securing of pre-paid ticket advice

Deployment Date will be anytime in July 2014if no problem with the results of your Medical Exam & NBI Clearance and there should be No Fake Requirements. Next batch for coaching will be onMarch2015if you are not going to avail this batch Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy CoachingBUT you have to re-apply again under least priority and wait for our hiring advertisement.

Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching fee is3,720.00(Philippine

Peso), 100% refundable (no deductions) if not satisfied with the

employment package. Refunds are process at our office after the

orientation onMarch 15, 2014Saturday at 10:00 A.M. Employment

package will be discuss during the orientation. NO OTHER HIDDEN

CHARGES (No placement fee, No processing fee, No salary deduction & No show money required)

Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching will be conducted at our office at:

Abbotsford Hospice Society Consultancy

353 KBC Building

J.P. Rizal Street

Brgy. Olympia

Makati City


PLDT Landline no.:Area code (02) Telephone No. *******

Cellular No.: ******** (Company Mobile Numbers)

TAKE NOTE: Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching that you are going to attend are purely training & exercises, NO EXAMS REQUIRED, nobody fails the training.

We will only accept those selected applicants who paid on or beforeMarch 13, 2014 (Thursday)until 12:00 P.M. Lunchtime onlyUPON SLOT AVAILABILITY!It's a FIRST PAY, FIRST RESERVE Basis.Total number of selected applicants is 50 but we are only allowed to deploy20 APPLICANTS per yearbecause we are doingDIRECTHIRING. The first 20 paid applicants will be the one to join the

Deployment, the remaining 30 unpaid applicants will be considered rejected.PLEASE TEXT US FIRST BEFORE MAKING ANY PAYMENT TO CHECK SLOT AVAILABILITY. We will automatically replace those who did not comply.

You canpay at any WESTERN UNION Branches Nationwide, WESTERN UNION Branches are open during Saturday & Sunday Nationwide. You can ask somebody to pay for you if you are not available in the country or busy with your work. Please ask for the TO SEND MONEY FORM & just follow the format below:

Destination:Makati City

353 KBC Building

J.P. Rizal Street

Brgy. Olympia

Makati City


Amount (in words):Three Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Pesos



First Name: *******

Middle Name: *

Last Name: ********


First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:


Telephone No.:

Mobile No.:

Present Address:

Permanent Address:

Occupation/Nature of Work/Business: (if applicable)

Name of Employer/Business: (if applicable)

TIN or SSS or GSIS No.: (if applicable)

The receiver is my: Friend

After payment, please text us the following information in both our Globe & Smart Company Mobile Numbers: ********to make sure that we receive your payment details for slot reservation:

MTCN (Money Transfer Control No.):

Sender's name with complete middle name:

Applicant's name with complete middle name:

Name of Employer: ****************

Western Union Branch (where you made the payment):

Date & Time of payment:

Example: *********** / **********/********* / Western Union SM Hypermarket-Makati Branch / March 9, 2014 (Sunday)/ 10:00AM "

For someone who is not used to apply online or do online transactions their offer seems to be a very good catch.But IT IS A SCAM!!! True, the Abbotsford Hospice Society is legit as with Ms.******** but they have nothing to do with it. I even called up that number they posted and I spoke with a very accommodating and soft spoken gentleman who told me right away that they only have 8 slots left. He also added that applicants from the provinces will be escorted from the airport and will stay at CITYLAND CONDO MAKATI.. I ask for the exact address of the condo but of course he cut me off saying DETAILS WILL BE GIVEN ONLY TO PAID APPLICANTS. Wow. The fact that they were very insistent and "paulit-ulit" about the needed training fee is highly suspicious already and that no one can go inside the building without paying first is ridiculous. Online scammers are cunning. Their emails will be sent on weekends when the office is closed, therefore the applicant has to wait until MOnday should you want to make a call to the FACILITY they have falsely used. In this type of scam, they choose only the applicants from the provinces who have less chances to physically go to their BOGUS office address. The building and street address exist but the office does not. Further, online scammers usually uses Western Union or LBC for their transactions. Legitimate offices have their own bank account.

I have a brother in Canada and he called up AHS to verify this and they confirmed that is a scam and they have already reported it to the police.

So nurses out there, BEWARE!!! Trust your instincts. If it's too good to be true it's NOT true.

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Be aware that it is illegal for a company to offer a job whilst helping you immigrate to Canada. The Canadian government will come down heavily on companies that do this. Also the employer must apply for a Labour Marketing Opinion (LMO) proving that no one locally either Citizen or PR can do the job and to go through the registration process for RN can take over a year. Canada does not issue a work permit and then a work visa they only issue Temporary Work Permit (TWP) and that takes longer than 4 weeks and can only be applied for once a LMO has been approved and that takes over 3 months as the job has to be advertised across Canada and TWP requires a medical before issue due to working within the healthcare setting

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This from the Abbotsford Hospice Society:

URGENT – Abbotsford Hospice Society has been a victim of email fraud. A fraudulent message was sent originally on March 7th, 2014. The subject of this email is “Abbotsford Hospice Society Embassy Coaching” and is said to come from Debbie Lehmann, AHS Executive Director. The purported source of the email is Makati, Philippines and it asks for a fee of $3720.00 to be paid.

The “message” is completely false and we are warning our supporters about it. AHS has reported this fraud to the RCMP Anti-Fraud unit in Ottawa.

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What kind of despicable, depraved person preys on the desperation of people wanting to improve their lives like this?? it's a good thing your BS detector went off when you saw this email, scatach2! Thanks for passing on the warning.

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People should also notice that the wording is more or less identical to other scams only country and name of facility changes. I so hate how people pick on others who are desperate to forge a new life for themselves in a new country


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I have received quite a number of emails like this. They even follow up with text messages! I've already replied once with a "may God have mercy on your black soul!", they still send me messages...

I have a friend who didn't heed my warning and was scammed by this. P5000 down the drain..