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I am a nurse in Illinois. I am a pediatric nurse enrolled in graduate school taking courses towards my Master's degree in nursing. As a class assignment I need to correspond, via email, with a nurse from another country. I need to find out similarities as well as differences in the nursing profession of our two countries. I would appreciate any help in this.

One nurse to another!!:rolleyes:


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We never did anything like that on my course. Anyway i'm a paed nurse here in uk, so if i can help just pm me and i will send you my email address


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hi, i did something similiar for my degree in paed nursing here (uk)afew years ago. i had to actually go work in a hospital in the states though to gain experience of nursing ina different country and different health care system.

if i can be of ny help or u have ny specific questions or watever pm me n i will try to help.


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I just wrote a whole thread in the Australasian forum helping someone with an assignment like this!!!

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