hi there everyone...im a newly registered nurse and im applying as a staff nurse in a certain hosp but there's this one thing that bothers me much..im having problem bout writing my application letter..im afraid that they would reject my application letter..would you help me guys

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Google it-good luck...

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Use spell/grammer check!!! Your cover letter is the 1st thing they will see from you and opinions good or bad will be formed.

After your done with the letter take it to a trusted, well written friend to proof read. If you dont have someone like that then take it to your local library. Librarians love to help and feel honored when asked.

Best of luck.

google UPENN nursing resume, or John Hopkins Nursing resume. Both have excellent info on their sites with sample letters and resumes. Good Luck!

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If your native language is different than the one you will be using in the hospital, make sure that someone well versed in the new language proofs your application letter. In your letter, discuss strengths from previous jobs or experience that apply to the hospital setting.

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