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Hi need your help

My hospital will be going life with the meditech patient care documentation system.

I would like to know how you dealt with student nurses. We plan to give instructors passwords and they will be responsible for loging on the meditech system for their students to document. The thing is the documentation will be filed as if the instructor did it. I need to know a the legality involved in this method. What do you recommend. How have you been doing it?


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When I was in school, we had electronic charting at 3 hospitals we did clinical at. At each one, they gave the Students an actual password. One problem came in with students who actually worked as aides in the same hospital and already had a password-because they kept showing up as a CNA and not a student- which upset the legal department because it looked like CNA's were giving meds- I don't recall how they fixed it, but I know they did.


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I may look really ignorant here, not having actually done this type of charting. I have read reams of it however. What is wrong with the old fashioned way of student signing at the end of the narrative "J.Blow, SN/instructor's name." It's part of the narrative so wouldn't it be accepted? Let me know about this please. I have a problem with computers not allowing us humans to do what we need to do.

Just about to finish up with ADN program. We did computer charting & each student had their own log in & password, first few times instructor was present when wwe charted. When she felt comfy we were allowed to do it on our own, of course, all entries were double checked at end of our day.

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