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hi everyone im a newbie and we just started electrolytes ive been studying for hours. I was wondering if all you guys can give me some pointed. we have to know all the symptoms for hypo/hyer natremia, kalemia and calemia. some of them share symptoms i noticed. can you guys point out the most important symptoms for each condition. also for alkalosis and acidosis. sorry to bug everyone. ive spent 20 hours plus on this stuff and im looking maybe for some guidance from some experience nursing students etc. i really apperciate all the effort and help. serious reaallllly do

hello kenpochic,

we just finished our lecture and test on electrolytes. the tip that our instructure gave us on learning the different signs & symptoms was to pick out what was distinct about each one, since some of them shared some of the same signs & symptoms.memorizing is not going to help, we really had to focus in and actually learn them. if you think about how they work in the body you can sort of relate the signs and symptoms.foe example: hypernatremia skin flushed


low-grade fever


i hope this helps.

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