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El Centro Spring 2017

Has anyone submitted their application for the Spring 2017 program? If so, how many points did you apply with?

I am sending in my application tomorrow with 32 points. Not sure if that is good or bad

@ leighann907

32 points Is a good amount. I wouldn't look at that amount as bad. I guess once all the applications are in they maybe able to tell us what the lowest amount of points cut off is. I haven't submitted my application just yet. I've only submitted my paperwork to sentry. But when I do submit my application I'm calculating I'll be applying with 38 points.

That's really good! I have a feeling that there will be a lot of people that can't apply because their hesi scores aren't high enough


Yea I agree. Im thinking that with the recent changes not as many people will be able to apply unless they were able to find somewhere to retake the test or received high scores when originally taking the test. I know places like El Centro fills up so quickly for taking the hesi. I took it in May but I enrolled in feb. So that just shows you have to know far in advance about enrolling or wont be able to get on the list. Hopefully our points will be enough to get us in!!! :up:

Did you do really well on the Hesi?

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My English average was 98.87 (7 points), I scored 88 on A&P (3 points), and 92 on Math (5 points), for a total of 15 points out of 21 possible for HESI. If i don't make the cut this time, I will take it again, but I'm praying I won't have to!!

oh wow you did excellent on the english portion. wow you basically answered almost everything correct. good job!!!!!!!

My english average was 84.67% (1 point), math 92% (5 points), and A&P 96% (7 points).... so i ended up with only 13 points out of the 21. Although i didn't Ace the entire test I still feel I did pretty good so I really don't want to take it again. Im praying I will get accepted so I don't have to even consider retaking it

I made 96, 100, 100 on the three sections of English and I was SHOCKED because some of those questions were awful - they didn't make any sense. I would have scored better on A&P had I taken the second semester before I took the HESI. I don't want to retake it because I did get the full 7 points on the English, and it doesn't matter to me what section my points come from as long as I get them somehow. LOL. I'm afraid that if I retake it, I'll score lower than what I have now, and it's just not worth it to me for 6 more points.

I think your scores are awesome, too. They're a lot better than others I've seen. Your scores are so high on A&P and math, I wouldn't want to retake it either and risk for some reason getting a lower score. You got this!!

I expect to see you sitting right next to me in orientation!! :up:

Exactly!!! That's my biggest fear is to retake it and my scores go down cause you just have no idea what questions you may get next time around. The reading is just so darn boring!! I'm sure that played a part in my score. Had I gotten half a point higher I would have gotten 3 points for the English section instead of 1.

I definitely look look forward to meeting you at orientation!!! We have to continue to stay positive during this lonnnnngggg wait til acceptance letters go out.

GREAT video by NurseEyeRoll about how to stay organized in Nursing School!!

GREAT video by NurseEyeRoll about how to stay organized in Nursing School!!

:up::up: Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed watching. She gave some great tips.


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