Effective communication in Nursing


Hi everyone, this is my first post, long over do!

I am taking my nursing pre reqs at my local Community College and in my writing class we were assigned a research project on discourse community in the proffesion we want to be in so ... if anyone knows about Discourse community and Swales work, great! If not no worries I would still LOVE your imput on the following questions:

What are some common goals in nursing you have noticed either in school or on the job?

Why is communication vital in the field of nursing ??

I have already worked as a Medical Interpreter in several areas, of different hospitals and loved it so much so it inspired me to become an RN, so I do have some experience seeing first hand the dynamics of the job, and have read a few peer revied articles from several journals BUT I still would love to know what other nurses or student nurses think about the topics mentioned above, nothing beats a personal story.... thanks so much in advance if anyone takes the time.




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I am not in the program yet nor do I have any healthcare related experience, I have, however, been a teacher for many years and had to constantly communicate to parents, who can be very aggressive at times. Effective communication in nursing is important because you will deal with other caregivers, patients and their parents. Being able to effectively communicate your concerns to the treating doctor will allow for proper actions to take place. Being able to explain in sensitive ways to your patient what his/her condition is will allow you to put the patient at ease. Being able to effectively communicate with the patient's relatives will allow you to establish trustworthy rapport.


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Thanks so much for you're input :D