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EEEKKKKK!!! I am getting scared!!


Hi All! I found out in May that I got in the ADN program. I am so excited because I have waited for 2.5 years to get in (Lottery system) However, I am getting so anxious and scared. I really want it to start now so that I can get these jitters over with. Are any of you in your first semester or finished with it that can tell me what to expect?

I know it will be hard but I am ready for the challenge and ready to be sucessful!

God Bless all of you!

Cher (Manteca, CA)

Congratulations Cher ! :balloons:

Its completely normal to be scared although for some reason I wasn't too bad *shrug.

I'm sure you'll be fine. To have waited patiently for 2 years to get into a school...wow....and it paid off too ! Thats great.


Thankyou! You waited 2 years after your pre-req's to get in too???

Thankyou! You waited 2 years after your pre-req's to get in too???

No I didn't have to wait. I finished high school and got in right away. I actually went back to high school years after I "got" out. Here in Canada..we consider pre -reqs advanced credits we get in high school so micro and pharm is included in the course.


Congratulations! I know it's nervewracking but once you get your first day or so over with you get a lot of your questions answered and you're then not nearly as nervous. Good luck and do some research on this board, it's really helpful.



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I also got into a Nursing program (but a BSN) and it starts at the eng of August...so yeah I'm waiting too

I feel the jitter, excitement, nervousness, etc... :rolleyes:

So I try to just enjoy my summer...coz I know that it will be my last for the next 2 years

What is Lottery System?

:D :balloons: congratulations!!! :balloons: :D

i'm not in nursing school yet, i'm still working on my prereq's, but i wanted to say congratulations!


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