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I'd like to let everyone know about an educational resource, the Clinical Skills Database, which is now online and available at the following website:

Clinical Skills Database

This database has been developed as a project at the Shapiro Institute for Education & Research and is intended to be a resource for medical educators, medical students, and trainees.

Please note that the site currently does not work with Netscape version 4 or earlier (you will get a blank page). Use Internet Explorer or Netscape 6.2.

The database aims to be a guide to publicly available websites that focus on teaching clinical skills, including physical examination, medical interviewing, ECG interpretation, and bedside procedures. Sites were chosen that were felt to have particular educational value, and the major focus so

far is on physical examination skills. Many sites include video or sound files, interactive simulations, or self-assessment questions. The database allows for users to rate the sites and contribute comments to "user reviews". Thus far, more than 50 different sites have been included with preliminary reviews.

Specializes in Med/Surg, ER, L&D, ICU, OR, Educator.

Thanks for useful info! Always looking for something new!

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