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what are some educational needs for a terminal cancer patient?

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Hi there!

I'm a nursing student and working on a care plan for clinicals. My patient has breast cancer that has metastasized to the liver. Patient is terminal and isn't expected to survive the hospital stay.

I need to list two educational needs for the patient and the plan to meet the needs. I can't think of anything so any help would be greatly appreciated! :) I have seriously been stuck on this for hours and I'm sure it's simple.

Even though it might seem like there isn't much left for this patient to learn (or much time for her to learn it), a little bit of education might make her final days easier and more satisfying.

Think along the lines of comfort measures, pain management and spiritual needs. She would need help to understand what is available to her regarding these topics and how to ask for what she wants. She might also need assistance in communicating her wishes to her family. A sensitive nurse has the potential to be of great help with these matters.

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Pain control strategies, guided imagery, and end of life legal issues. Patient rights to palliative surgeries/procedures, and the right to refuse. Family teaching/coping skills obtaining homecare or support for immediate family, and respite options prn..