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Thanks... need to update my credits for "later than ten years" for both Anatomy and Physiology.

Can anyone suggest an online site for those classes 'specifically' for Assoc Deg of nursing?

I most probably will challenge them but most of my college credits are older than ten years "but" I've had

to maintain knowledge for current licensing and so will be able to do well in any med type classes. Just don't

have time to spend on campus for the prelims... hope someone can advise me. Many thanks,


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Check out your local community college system. In my state, 1 of the 21 community colleges offers A&P as an online course (at $95/credit). Another one offers the Lifespan Development class in the same manner, Many states will have at least one community college doing it this way.


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Right. Not. Local community colleges in the Los Angeles area are bereft. The conundrum is trying to bridge the AS for Nursing from either 'no' nursing (LVN or LPN, depending on state of residency) or 'coursework' needed type scenarios.

Trying to pickup 'online' credits for AS in N for later BS in RN but finding almost no such path.

Anyone knowing of an acceptable (read: accredited) online 'path', appreciate the coat tail. Thanks.

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Kan Ed (kansas education consortium)

Colorado community college CCConline


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Kan Ed? Craig, did you look at that site? K-12? I am not sure where there?

Colorado Comm College - yup, but I need course work first and they don't seem to offer the Phy and Anat (I'd been there before and was looking as CO is where I want to end up) but I'll call them... there are LOTS of 'online' educational facilities and many offer LVN to BS in N., 'type' programs but even the 'community colleges' don't offer much in course work to fill in gaps. Thanks

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