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ECU DNP Application 2017


I applied to ECU's DNP program for Fall 2017. My interview was last week. I'm now eagerly awaiting a response. Anyone else apply? I'm wondering how many applicants the program receives and how many they accept.

Hello!! Please let me know how's the program I am looking to apply next year. Thank you so much.

I also applied after my interview stream they said decisions would be mid February but that has come and gone. Waiting patiently.

I was told notifications would go out in mid March.

Got my Fall 2017 AGPCNP acceptance via email today. Good luck everyone!

Still nothing here I applied to FNP maybe they are last. Congrats

I did get in. I don't know how I missed that email yesterday

I'm on the wait list. Of course, I was saddened by this news, but I'm hopeful that a spot will open up.

I just wonder what the likelihood of a spot becoming available is and how long they pull from the alternate list.

Well I'm the email they were very serious about not accepting if you were unsure or waiting on another school. So hopefully people take heed and only accept if they truly intend to come

Nice to know. Did they specify a date when offer acceptances were due?