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I have applied to the ECPI VaBeach program for the May 2018 entrance. Won't know anything until late March, or most likely April. Anyone else applied?

Hi! Congrats on applying and keeping my fingers crossed that you get accepted. I am deciding between applying for the ADN at NNws or VABeach. Which nursing program did you apply to and what was your experience with the application process? An advisor I spoke with in January informed me the admissions requirements changed for the May 2018 cohort stating there will no longer be any prerequisites required to apply.

Anyways, good luck and keep us updated on your journey!

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I applied to the ADN at VaBeach. The application process was easy. I met with an admissions counselor first. My admission counselor went over the application process and requirements. The admission requirements changed a little for the May 2018 Cohort. They no longer require prerequisites as they are worked into the curriculum starting May 2018. Letters of recommendations are no longer needed. You will need to submit an essay. You can choose the topic from one of the three or four essay prompts given. If you have previous experience in the healthcare field, you need to also submit a resume. The selection criteria is GPA from last college attended (if any), TEAS score & essay. Any previous work experience in healthcare will give a candidate extra points in the selection process.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well, thank you!!

Thanks so much for sharing your experience it really is informative and helpful. Hopefully I can make a decision within the next week on which campus to apply to. I'm happy you shared how easy the application process is because I was kind of nervous. Unfortunately, I don't have any healthcare experience =(

So did you make it to ECPI nursing Cohort???? How is it going???

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