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EC graduates and how we are getting along in California and other urban legends

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Dear Friends I have been reading several posts and different threads over the past few weeks about EC relationship with California, and the inability of EC grads to get a job, etc. I think that it is very important that we hear from some California EC grads and how we are doing. It is most important that all of our fellow EC grads and nursing students in other states to know that they are supported and Nursing as a whole is feeling the unfortunate effects of an unstable economy.

I know that most people reading this thread are very well versed in the woes of EC and some of the states Boards of Nursing(BON.) I want to dispel some "urban legends about California(if I can)." I am from California and went into my relationship with EC well informed about their relationship with the CA BON and am only partially informed about other states such as Georgia. I want to be supportive of all of our fellow students. EC's continuous success lays with all of us. I enrolled in EC in 8/03 and was told by EC that there where challenges with the Calif BON immediately by Paulie Girl(our ally in EC's board office :bow: god bless you.) I made myself very informed by keeping informed with EC and California always. EC was very upfront about California. Go to the EC website and go to the search icon and put California BON and see all the information that comes up. It took me 5 years to finish my education, 2 kids, a severe illness and new job later I graduated 9/08. I complied with the Calif. BON and their rule of concurrent enrollment, and I was "grandfathered in." I had several moments of panic when the person who answered the phone at the Calif BON said I was not eligible for licensure :banghead:. After several phone calls to the EC Board office I finally spoke to a supervisor @ the Calif BON and was mailed my application for licensure prior to my CPNE. Everything was smooth sailing. :up: So I am happily employed as an ICU RN at a Magnet hospital in California. At no point in my job search was the mention of where I obtained my education brought up.

I know everyones story is different. California will still license EC students provided you complied with concurrent enrollment. :nurse: Now for the employment picture I am only speaking from personal experience. There are limited to no new grad opportunities in the area I live in, due to the current economic picture. Hospitals including the facility I am employed are looking at ways to cut costs. As I understand it is quite expensive to train a new grad. :scrying: So apply your resourcefullness that I know you have as an EC grad/student to the job search. I was on the first name basis with the recruiter that finally facilitated my hire, shake hands hold babies, practice being a politician LOL. Everyone loves cookies and chocolate. The point is do not leave any stone unturned in your job search, job shadow, volunteer.

I am sorry I am a long winded writer but I am obviously passionate about my education. :wink2:. Excelsior College assisted me in my dream to become an RN while still having a life. So for those of you who are current EC students dont lose hope, there is a silver lining. And to graduates you will get a job. Everyone is feeling the economic pinch including graduates of traditional programs. I look forward to hearing everyones experiences. All the best!

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Although I'm on the opposite coast, I thank you for this post. It's a wonderful success story and an inspiration to those of us struggling to get thru. I agree about how difficult it is being a new grad getting a job. Lately, all new grad RNs in my ER have been there for years as nursing asst or multi-techs.

BTW, our charge nurse graduated from Regents in 1978 (first class!) and several of our RNs graduated from EC. Nobody thinks any less of them. One is currently on active duty in the Army reserves and a charge nurse stationed in Germany.

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