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Hi, everyone. I was an LVN from 1979 to 1994, then went for my ADN at EC in that year. I had a high GPA and passed my boards first time. Have been licensed over the last 19 years in three different states. I never had any issues or difficulties in getting licensed or endorsed.

We just moved to Oklahoma and I have learned that I will have to put in 60 hours of clinical at a hospital 3 hours away from my home (huh??) to meet the BON's requirements of EC graduates (of any year?). Apparently it doesn't matter how many years I've worked as a competent RN in good standing. Is there no grandfathering of prior grads? How is this even legal to go back in the past and retroactively change the rules??

Has anyone here done the preceptorship substantially after graduation? I put in far more than 30 hours each in OB and psych when I was an LPN and my field of choice has NOT been in either. I am in my MID-50s, for Heaven's sake! Why do I need these to repeat at my age and at this stage in my career?

Is there no means of appeal? If anyone has gone through this I would really appreciate hearing about your experience.

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OMG!!!! Really??? You've probably been in nursing longer than some of them have been walking the earth! I know that was the case when I had to tackle the GA BON just to get licensure as an RN. But, unfortunately, my LPN instructor from 1984 told us of your very situation years ago regarding endorsement to other states. Back then, she said that if we moved to another state, we would have to make up the difference in clinical hours if the new state's BON required more hours than what our current state requires. But I don't think the BONs thought the whole thing through enough to address the needs of experienced nurses seeking endorsement. They should revise that to address a certain amount of clinical hours, or lack of. This is ridiculous! You could come into the hospital and teach them a few things with your years as a nurse!

Although I have no intentions of moving to Oklahoma, as an Excelsior graduate and a current Excelsior BSN student, I'm very, very disappointed to hear how states continue to treat their fellow-nurses simply because of their choice of nursing programs. Heavens forbid one of them should be in need and the only one to help would be an out-of-state nurse. Just tell them to hold on and pray until you finish up THEIR required clinical hours.

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Yet another reason why people should be a lot more careful when they choose a nursing program. None of this was a secret when you applied.


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In 1993? It was a secret to ME and I was working in a School of Nursing, where it was recommended to me by the professors. It certainly was NOT the case with licensure in OK when I earned my license. They didn't implement this reg until more than 10 years after I got it.