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Ebola = Viral Hemorrhagic Fever: How to Apply and Remove PPE

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University of Nebraska Medical Center HEROES Education Center based on Biocontainment Unit info has created poster and video's on donning = applying and doffing = removal of PPE for use in Level 4 illness containment of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers

Applying/ Donning PPE


Removal/Doffing PPE


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Such great material, very educational and informative. I posted this info in another thread, can't recall which one. I also found it interesting that the staff that work at these 4 facilities in the biocontainment units, do not wear their own scrubs, underwear, hair ties etc...under their PPE. Their own personal clothes, under garments and even hair scrunchies go into a locker and they wear the facilities scrubs, and use rubber-bands to tie up their hair. So in other words, the staff goes home in untainted clothes (after they shower) that are kept in a clean area in a locker which are never introduced to any contaminants nor ever worn under PPE.

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