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Eating for one - SO works opposite shift


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I'm in management and he's in retail. My schedule is 7-5 and his is 2-10. I'm usually awake when he gets home and sometimes we'll go to a diner for a late night date, but that's becoming harder because I've been going to bed early more often lately. I know crock-pots are a God-send and I'll figure some recipes out, but I wanted support as well as feedback and recipes. This is not a situation that's going to change any time soon, so we're making the best of it. We both have Sundays off and I see him on Saturday before he leaves for work. I pack my lunch for work but usually am so tired when I get home that it's a search for fast food or pizza, which isn't good.

newohiorn, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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My husband and I are also on opposite shifts four days of the week. Wish I had some good advice but I don't. I hate to cook and especially hate to cook for one. I eat out A LOT. I'll be watching to see what suggestions you get. I do occasionally marinate a couple of pork chops or chicken breast and just bake them when I get home with a salad or whatever. That's the best I do.

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I used to be the same way with eating out all the time. I actually found a company that makes once a month cooking a piece of cake- they provide the recipes, supplies, and do the prep and cleanup work. All I have to do is the assembly part. Options are for 3 or 6 portions, so I have a meal for when I cook it, one for lunch the next day, and one that is for whatever I choose. Most are quick and easy, although there are a few that take a little more work. PM me if you're interested in the name of the place.

I try to frequently make large quantities of easy to freeze, quick, healthy foods that my family can easily take for lunch or heat up for dinner. Especially nice during the busy weekdays with work, school, homework and activities. A couple favorites are wedding soup and vegetable soup. I make a huge pot then divide it up into small, one-person portions and freeze. When I make pepperoni rolls, I also will make 75-100 then divide and freeze. These make quick after school or on the run snacks. I also subscribe to a online service that for a small fee, provides daily recipes and shopping lists. It can also be tailored to meet my family's preferences.And then there's always the wonderful crock-pot!