Earn as you learn programs?

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Maybe someone can point me in a better direction. Currently, I'm serving in the Navy, going on my 4th year of a 5 year term as a Hospital Corpsman. My question was: are there any hospitals in northern California that offer programs like the "earn as you learn" that I see available in other states?

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I THINK, but am not positive the VA hospitals may offer something like that. anyone correct me if I'm wrong please!. but search the allnurse site with VA hospitals and see what comes up. I THOUGHT I read something about it awhile back.. good luck.

p.s. THANK YOU for serving OUR COUNTRY!!!! :yeah:

The VA does offer a work-study program. But is there any reason you are stuck on going to Nor Cal? The nursing programs in Ca are waitlisted like crazy, not that it is much better here on the east coast, but at least admissions are merit based. You get your final move when you get out, do some research on places that have the program you want and then compare them on the Stipend you get there vs the local cost of living, then move there. It's what I did. Also if you can start socking away lots of money. The VA is slow on paying out and it helps to have 6 months of living expenses. If you have any questions IM me.

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