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Hello all,

I am currently waiting to begin my LPN program, which won't start until August of 2009. I would like to try and get ahead of the game a little bit by doing some reading and studying about the basics and fundamentals of nursing, etc before the program begins. Do you all have any reccomendations on good books or textbooks to start out with? I have zip medical experience but this is something that I'm really looking forward to doing. Thanks for any help you can give!! :nuke:

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I started NS a week ago and after this week I would suggest learning medical terminology and A&P. I wish I would have done those things because it would be a great benefit now.


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Thanks for the advice!! I purchased A & P for Dummies last night and will be looking for a Medical Terminology book today.


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Also check online for medical terminology. There are a lot of self paced tools for learning. Google medical, terminology, course, review. Find one that fits your learning style.




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My school required Med Term & A&P before you can get in.


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I would absolutely positively absolutely positively take AP 1 and 2 ahead of time if you can at all do it. I'm taking it at the same time as my LPN classes and I am learning the same thing in both classes at some points. I would do a lot better in my nursing classes if I already had this foundation, as opposed to getting it now. Not to mention the physical class time and study time for the general ed classes that I really wish I didn't have to take away from my nursing studies.

If you want to prepare, get as many of your classes out of the way as you can (any math/science/english/psych/etc that you have waiting) I cannot stress enough how much I've kicked myself for not taking AP this past year while I was waiting for NSG school to start. Its pretty tough when taken simultaneously.

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