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how early is to early to start preparing for nclex pn


Hi everyone, i have about 7 more month left of my pn program & im just wondering is it to early to start preparing for the nclex? Since im out on break i wanted to @least start reviewing for it BUT is it too early? I just finished this past semester with fundamentals(89) & med surge I(91!!!!!! So happy abt that). Next semester med surge II & III. Should i just wait til around may to start or what? THANKS!

7 months is a long way to go and you never know til your day of grad. Our program we loss students up to the last week of finals. I say take notes and stay focus on all the processes. When the instructors says, this will be on the nclex have a separate folder and that DOWN! They mean it. I failed the nclex twice, and it sucks! The nclex is a world of its own and you need to pass it the first time. If you are serious about nursing put away any relief or relaxing thoughts. Study now, study in your sleep, study study. There is no breaks, no weekends, no fun until you pass that nclex. Take advantage of the breaks you get and read til the eyes fall out. Stay ahead because you will fall behind no matter what you do. Keep this in mind, they make this the hardest course because when your on the job its harder to witness the things in this field.