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Nurses please tell me what you think. I have had an ear infection for over a month. I got 1 round of anti-biotics (zithromax) out of my Dr. My ears are still plugged up and hurt. I called and they told me to see a specialist. I called them and their office doesnt even answer phones until Friday. I have been off the meds for about 10 days now. I feel abandon by my Dr because they sent me away. Im sick but he doesnt want to deal with me anymore after prescribing zithromax 1 time, because Im allergic to a lot of medications. What can I do about the pain in my ears?

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ooooo, an earache is miserable!

so sorry you're going through this!

however, per the terms of service* no one on this board can give you any medical advice.

you do have several options:

* go to an urgent care

* find another physician

* google information about earaches (reputable sites) and you might find some ways of helping you ease the discomfort

hope you get it treated/feel better soon. :)

*this is not a medical advice bulletin board

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