e.r. nurse


:bugeyes::confused::redpinkheyeah yeah this is the most exciting area ..

i learned how to give emergency care...

to suture

iv therapy

if i will be given a chance i want to an ER nurse:saint:



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LOL I know exactly how you feel. I've been in ER (minus a brief stint in med surg after being out of work with an injury for a while) since I got my license 4 years ago (almost 5). It's certainly very rewarding and if you're that excited about it go for it. ER needs more good nurses who are this excited about their job! 4 years later and it's still a passion for me, though I've found that I enjoy peds ER just as much. You think you love it now wait until you handle your first trama as a nurse! Good luck!


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Just curious-- how'd you learn to suture?

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