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E~Mail from Nikitamoon,,,, re: Max Headroom,,,,,,

If anyone one of you I have sent,,, an ecard to,,, email to recieved a really rude letter from a person,,,, Max headroom,,,,,

I apologize,,, this is inadvertantly my fault,,, :o

I believe, this is sometime of glich,,, in my msn IM,,,, (if you remember,,, when I sent,, Christmas cards out,,, several over you appeared on my IM,, without okay'ing it,,, )

Anyway,,, I replyed to Max Headroom,,, assuring him,,, it,,, whomever,,, that there never would be mail from again,,,, and if I had been informed the first time,,, there never would of been a second time,,,,,

I know,,, I am not responsible for his words,,, but I apologize at the tone of the message,,,,

Once again,,, if this affected you,,, I am so sorry,,,, take care,,, Nik~

No problem Nakitamoon, I always enjoy your e-mail :)

I don't recall receiving anything from Max, thanks for the notice though. :)

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