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Duquesne University Second Degree BSN Nursing Class of 2018

by SJP714 SJP714 (New) New

Hey Everybody!

I was recently accepted into the Duquesne University Second Degree program. I added this to for anybody else accepted!

Hey! I was also accepted to the program! Really excited about moving to the burgh

Hello Hello!

I was also accepted into the Duquesne University Second Degree Program! Cant wait to start!:laugh:

Hi everyone,

I was also accepted and actually visited the campus/area last week (flew to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles...). It is really nice and I like a lot of things about it.

I am debating attending this program or another one though. Have any of you received your financial aid package yet? How are you planning to pay for the tuition and living expenses?

Congratulations to you all and goodluck in the program. It sounds like some of you guys are already set on Duquesne.

200% going. Pittsburgh is great. Lived there last summer

I applied to the program at the beginning of December. I'm really hoping to get accepted because Pittsburgh is great and I want to live there soo bad. Can anyone tell me how long it took to hear about their acceptance? Was it about a month long? Thanks in advance.

If I created a FB page for the incoming class, would anybody be interested?

I would be interested!

Hi everyone! How long did it take to hear back on your decisions? My app was complete the first week of January and I am now wondering what type of wait to expect! Thanks!

I just go to my acceptance letter today and I think the first week of January my application was considered complete. So not that long.

Oh wow! They are quick! Thanks for the info. Congratulations on your acceptance! :)

Have you heard back yet? I am anxiously waiting on my decision!

bnburle, no I have not heard back yet :/ I am getting anxious! It has been a month now. Hoping I will hear something soon. When was your application complete? I feel like everyone heard back sooner than a month. Maybe not though.. Not trying to stress out too much!!

LRV16 Just on Monday but I called and was told that the admissions committee was meeting next week! So you should get your decision back soon I would expect and hopefully mine will be reviewed then too!

Oh ok perfect! Thanks for the info! Hopefully we hear something soon! :)

Hello! I am in the same boat! My app was finally considered complete on mon feb 6 even though it was all sent in in dec!:(

So i too am anxiously waiting. Hopefully (bnburle & lrv16) we all get reviewed this week and all get accepted!! :) i go to school at univ. Of pitt and pittsburgh is such a great city!

Hi Eeb71! Oh no, sorry you've had to wait so long. Hopefully we hear soon, I'm so nervous!

I just received my acceptance letter today!